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Vet Services: Las Vegas Dental Cleaning

You may take your pet to the veterinarian on a regular basis, but have you had his or her mouth and teeth checked? Dental cleaning is an important aspect of the veterinary services that we provide to patients throughout Las Vegas, Nevada and the surrounding communities. At Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital, we offer comprehensive teeth cleaning services to help ensure that your pet's teeth and gums are in a good condition. In addition to helping with relatively minor problems such as bad breath, dental cleaning can help your vet identify dental disease or other serious problems so they can be immediately addressed.

Dental Cleaning in Las Vegas For Your Dog or Cat

At Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital, we believe that proper dental care is an important part of helping your pet lead a healthy life. There are particular signs to watch for that may indicate that your pet is in need to an exam, and if you recognize any of these we recommend that you call your Las Vegas veterinarian as soon as possible to discuss setting up an appointment. Excessive drooling, bad breath, difficulty eating and problems with chewing may all indicate that your pet is having a problem with his or her teeth, gums or mouth. Bring this to your vet's attention and we can work to address it as soon as possible.

Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital - Professional Teeth Cleaning for Your Dog or Cat

When you choose Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital for your pet's teeth cleaning, you can count on our professionalism, attention to detail in recognizing danger signs of oral disease and loving care as we deal with your pet. Learn more about our specific services in this regard by contacting a veterinarian at our Las Vegas offices.

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